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Keith J. Orgeron, P.E.
Principal & President
Keith Orgeron atop BP Thunder Horse PDQ


OE's human values are defined largely by Keith, a Christian patriot, family man, health enthusiast, a prolific inventor and a precision-driven, registered engineer, whose mild manner is eclipsed by his passion for casually teaching as he learns, so much so that some colleagues affectionately call him the "professor." Keith's unique teenage years growing up with a small group of expats in Singapore, where his father worked for Marathon LeTourneau building jack-up oil rigs at the Jurong Shipyard, garnered him an industrial work perspective and a multi-cultural social experience that helps him to see right through to an individual's most basic beliefs... and respect them.  He has had as much mentoring from foreign-born engineers as native ones.


We cherish our personal integrity and God's blessings of our skills, inspiration & resources that we deploy as we passionately work for you... to the highest standards.  We guarantee our very best and fairness in all we do for your business


Work is accomplished 100% through the direct efforts of Keith J. Orgeron, P.E., the principal or his direct supervision working with a few top-notch partner/associates selected for their reliable high performance and extensive expertise in various engineering areas.  Larger EPC projects can benefit from Keith's background as V.P. Engineering/R&D directing, leading & managing groups of up to 30 engineers/designers wherein he is very comfortable staffing, organizing, quoting, directing & delivering valid, technical work products.


ORGERON ENGINEERING, PLLC is a registered professional L.L.C. (PLLC) in Texas, a registered engineering firm with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers (TBPE), and Keith Orgeron is a professional engineering, also registered with TBPE.




Orgeron Engineering, or simply OE... has a reputation for "Delivering Innovation & Solving Problems"™.  We have special knowledge & skills in the design of large machinery & heavy equipment for OEM's, and O&G drillers & operators.  We are conscientious and disciplined in our engineering design to maintain high quality.


We ask for a chance to earn your trust in the timely delivery of innovation to solve real problems for your business or market.  We are small enough to personally share ownership of your problems, capable and fast enough to best our larger competitors, but wise and responsible enough to admit when we don't know or require additional expertise, time or resources.


OE's principal, Keith Orgeron, has been awarded 40 US Patents for his design work being used today primarily in the Oil & Gas industry for large machinery 


Our deepest experience is in custom, conceptual and detail engineering of LARGE MACHINERY or heavy equipment having installation or operating motions, large loads, high forces, or mission critical or safety applications.  Large machines are often relegated to slower motions.   But, to move faster, usually increases profits and can add differentiating capability.  The greater speed, reliability & capability designed into the machine will exhibit this added value.




  1. FAST- Study your data & understand your highest value outcomes

  2. FAST- Define the problems & interfaces precisely to support a plan

  3. FAST- Discuss plan of attack options & estimate delivery and costs

  4. SLOW- Conceptualize valuable solutions & evaluate them with you 

  5. FAST- Complete timely, minimum detailed design of the best solution

  6. FAST- Analyze & validate design to codes & std.'s - iterate as needed

  7. FAST- Support you in the field, shop or office... when you need us!


US Patents

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