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BOP Handling System Design


A large TLP drilling rig working the Mars B field deployed this 18.75" 15M BOP stack assembly, for which the handling & stacking procedures and design of custom rigging were delivered by Orgeron in 2014.

Derrick API Review & Load Test


The BP Thunderhorse Drilling Rig Derrick review was led by Orgeron, and a 3,000,000 lbs full-load derrick pull-test was also designed & directed by him while employed by T&T in 2005.  This vessel's anchor chain fairleads could be upgraded with design shown in the patent​ awarded Orgeron.

Field Engineering for Rig-up


Drilling contractor Patterson UTI's use of a patented, fast-moving land rig design required onsite rig-up support for the prototype... provided by coinventor Orgeron while at T&T in 2011.

Auto-Steering Hwy Dolly


Orgeron was awarded a patent for his invention of this highway dolly design having an auto-steering system used here by Ensign Energy for their 2-part mast which allows for automatic tracking of a heavy 75' mast section around tight turns on 5-axles.  Patent owned by T&T, now of SLB.

Trochoidal Roller-Pinion Design


A reputation for custom and large gear design earned Orgeron this unusual project to design a rack & roller-pinion system for a non-vertical rack necessarily using a trochoidal gear system).  His skills in gearing and machine design, metallurgy, FEA and precision 3D modeling in SolidWorks allowed him to "deliver innovation" with a one-of-a-kind quiet elevator drive that requires no rack lubrication.

FEA of Gear Tooth & Hertz Stress


Orgeron's background with teaching and developing advanced FEA techniques & methods is constantly being refined using the latest AutoDesk Simulation software to validate part and assembly designs.

FEA of Roller-Bearing Assembly


This roller assembly is comprised of a pin, 2 roller-bearings complete with inner and outer races and 20 rollers, 2 bushings and a shell.  It was modeled, processed and evaluated to validate pin and roller-shell fatigue life and to verify the bearing's load distribution modified by the shell.

PipeZilla™, Vertical Racker


Coming Soon!  This machine is the latest example of a true innovation that OE brings to the table for US Land Oil & Gas drilling rig efficiency.  US Patent applications are being filed at this time, owned by OE.

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