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NAFEMS 2003 World Congress paper by K. Orgeron

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       Orgeron's FEA intuition & techniques conveyed through coaching and training mostly in hands-on projects have benefitted many engineering designers and analysts, and even a few college lecturers & professors.  He typically custom designs training classes to cover the most valuable material for the FE analyst's needs at that time.  


       His FE methods training approach is very much a structured one which follows his 7-Step FEA™ system which can be viewed above.  A version of the NAFEMS conference paper given by Orgeron in 2003 is downloadable at right.  In it, he conveys the general approach to several valuable FE project methods and modeling techniques.



7-StepFEA™ FE analysis system
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      Orgeron Engineering, Houston, was founded on the 33-year reputation & expertise of its owner, Keith, who studied Numerical Methods at Texas A&M and has professionally practiced the Finite Element method in design since 1982 at Letourneau.

      His experience and interest in leading design teams with valid FE analysis intelligence lead him to design the 7-Step FEA system for professional performance & validation.

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